Pricing Policy


As each person’s requirements for the legal advice which we provide  are different we are unable to give a table  of fixed fees but we will endeavour to give you an  indication of the costs of the work involved in your particular circumstances.   We will provide you with an estimate of the fee based on the initial information you provide us with.  This will be subject to change should the particulars of the transaction alter significantly or should matters become more complex.  We  initially base our fee on an hourly rate which is as follows:

A G Napier:  £240 per hour

J S Smith:     £230 per hour

The hourly rate is made up of 10 units of 6 minutes each therefore  a meeting lasting 25 minutes will be charged at £120/£115.   Any fee estimate is exclusive of VAT and third party outlays which we may have to pay on your behalf during the course of the matter. 


The following estimates are a general guide:

Shareholders Agreement                                                                                        £1,500

Agricultural lease                                                                                                      £1,280

Sale of a business                                                                                                      £2,000

Company share sale                                                                                                  £5,000

Lease for a small commercial unit (High Street shop/workshop/ store)         £1,050

Lease of a retail unit or office in a development or office block;                     £1,500   

Purchase of   a small commercial   unit                                                                 £1,850 

Purchase of development property                                                                         £3,750   


In our Letter of Engagement, which is issued after  we are instructed, we set out the work we envisage carrying out on your behalf which would be based on your initial instructions and would be included in any fee estimate we provide.  If matters do become protracted or extends to work not initially anticipated we reserve the right to amend the fee estimate.


As an example, in any lease transaction where we are acting for the tenant the work would involve adjusting the terms of the missives (contract), examining title and documents relating to the building such as Energy Performance Certificate and safety certificates, reporting on the terms of the Lease and the effects the obligations on the Landlord and the Tenant have on both parties, dealing with any Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Return and arranging for the signing of documents and handover.

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